Rest Assured with Our Fraud Prevention Tools

Protect your business with our fraud prevention solution, ensuring secure payments and stress-free transactions.

Enhanced Protection for You and Your Customers

Maximize the Benefits of Our Security Features for Seamless Online Payments. Safeguard Data and Easily Identify Suspicious Activity Without Rejecting Legitimate Customer Transactions.

Built-in Machine Learning

Detect fraud in real-time and proactively protect your business.

Fraud Scoring

Mark charges as fraudulent to block future suspicious attempts.

Sales-Friendly Settings

Increase customer security with minimal friction during checkout.


Utilizing cutting-edge technology and intelligent risk management, we shield your business from unauthorized activities.

Enhanced Security with 3D Secure 2

Safeguard your payments confidently and deter unauthorized usage.

Fraud Score Ratio

Detect suspicious transactions with our machine learning-based fraud scoring system.

AI-Powered Anomaly Detection

Harness the power of artificial intelligence to detect anomalies and potential fraud with unparalleled accuracy.

Real-Time Alerts

Get notified and block fraudulent transactions before they affect your sales figures.


Create customized automated rules to block suspicious attempts by location, physical address, IP address, credit card details, email address, and more.


Replace sensitive data with tokens to safeguard customer data and streamline future payments.

Manage Payments and Prevent Fraud

Protect your business with secure transactions.
Our smart algorithms boost positive traffic and ensure the safety of your operations.

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