Payment Solutions for Prop-trade firms

Our all-in-one platform keeps you agile and adaptable. The result: optimal performance, lightning-fast settlement, and new experiences to delight your customers and partners.

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Our flexible payment solutions can help you grow and succeed. Our experienced support team will help you navigate global payments confidently, so you can improve payment performance and find new ways to make money.

Payment Processing

Expand into new regions with reliable local payments, leveraging our expertise to customize solutions for every market and enhance growth.

International Coverage

Maximize transaction value globally with seamless connectivity through our unified payment platform, elevating customer satisfaction.

Payment Methods

Enhance global sales by optimizing payment methods for higher checkout conversions across all markets.


Optimize approval rates effortlessly with our intelligent 3D Secure solution, seamlessly compatible with any acquirer.

Fraud Prevention

Protect your business from fraud and reduce false positives with our hybrid rules and machine learning approach, requiring no additional integration.

Integrated Platforms

Whether Prop firm or Whitelabel provider, access tools for seamless, multiparty payments and platform growth.

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Unified Solution for Prop-trade firms

With GatoWay global payment processing solution, increase acceptance rate and reach clients everywhere by offering a wide range of popular payment methods, while keeping them secured with our Fraud detection tools.

Stay at the forefront of innovation with cutting-edge payment technology that streamlines processes, empowering Prop firms to accept a higher volume of transactions.

Our unified API solution offers comprehensive control over transaction responses, reconciliation, fraud, and dispute management, all from a single API call.

Enable swift and seamless checkout experiences by tokenizing a player's payment details, allowing for convenient one-click payments.

Provide diverse alternative payment options tailored to various target markets and player demographics.

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GatoWay stands out as a premier provider of innovative payment solutions, excelling in secure and seamless cross-border financial transactions. With a widespread network covering diverse geographic regions, it has garnered acclaim for its reliability, efficiency, and customer-centric approach.

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